Runners Up

Ruth W. Krinsky

In my mind there’s no doubt
Of the many things I can live without-
Prestige, honor, fame,
Riches, a recognizable “name”.
True, these things are wonderful to possess.
(I own them all in my daydreams I must confess)
But in realistic moments I have to agree
A job, some work, brings dignity,
Independence, self esteem, a sense of community,
New friends, new ideas, more opportunity,
A paycheck may be modest but honestly earned.
And there is something else I’ve learned-
Work may serve as a “myth breaker”
A person with a disability can become a giver, not a taker.
-work helps others forget the label,
Discard the “dis” and acknowledge the “able.”


About Ruth...

Ruth has previously worked as a medical writer and loves words. Ruth met her husband Marty at Fedcap in the early 1960s when the organization was known as Federation of the Handicapped. She was President of “Club Larberec” (Cerebral spelled backwards) which was a social club for people with disabilities whose members participated in local trips, cultural outings, and other activities. She is a proud grandmother of seven and lives in Lower Manhattan.


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