Runners Up

Shani Caldwell-Schwab

I started Fedcap at the end of September
And that is a day that I will always remember

My job is more than an avenue to pay my bills
I am able to come to a company and share my skills

As an Office Manager there is plenty to do
And working for Office Services is a dream come true

I enjoy coming to a job with meaning
In the morning I am simply beaming

PA s, Pay roll, and monthly billing
At the end of the day I am always feeling

A bit of satisfaction for a job well done
Even working with Melvin, Randy, and Pam is a lot of fun.

Office Services is the place to be
And I am glad Fedcap hired me



About Shani...

Shani works as the Office Manager for Fedcap Office Services. She loves being a part of the Fedcap Office Services team and interacting with Fedcap’s clients. She also enjoys working for a nonprofit, knowing that her hard work is part of larger mission creating jobs and independence for people with barriers. She writes for inspiration and for fun and enjoys keeping a journal. She is married, has two kids, and lives in Montclair, NJ.

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