Honorable Mentions

Yvonne M. Jones
The American Idle

Purse your lips and then ponder
All your Dilbert days and No-Doz nights
The hard days made you that much stronger
Could you take this job and love it?
When boss is not a four letter word
And you get in early just for kicks
Do you give the office crank the finger?
‘Cause for once there’s nothing broken to fix
You were once the American Idle
With just your Monopoly bills to your name
Working again brought dignity, if not sexy, back
Knowing it can’t last is a shame
Someday HR will look through you like vapor
The future’s not for the risk averse
Forget you know this day would come
It’ll sting like a pygmy dart at first
But a job ain’t the same life, as vocation
And your tomorrows don’t depend on cubicle dreams
You’re the mother of your own reinvention
For now you’ll take this job and love it


About Yvonne ...

Yvonne Jones is a writer, multimedia producer, and urban farmgirl who lives in Philadelphia, PA. Someday soon she plans to find a third option beyond working to live and living to work.

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