Honorable Mentions

Genevieve Olivia Joyner
That's Why

I feel like I’m swimming upstream
I punch in
Lackadaisically find my way to the coffee
The phone rings 5 times in three minutes
I have my hands full before I even put down my lunch

I regroup with another trip to the coffee pot

Time to greet our guests
She tells me…
It’s not the kind can get better from
She tells me…
She’s just so happy to be out of that small sterile room.

In a flash I remember why I do what I do.
Why I get out of bed
Why I pour the coffee.
Why it’s OK for the phone to ring off the hook.

I like to swim upstream.



About Genevieve Olivia...

Genevieve Joyner works as a public historian giving tours of a historic home in the Nashville area and planning living history events.  Many visitors to this historic site have traveled to Vanderbilt Medical Hospital for treatment; one women’s story inspired her to write her poem.  She has written poetry of all kids since she was a child.  She is the proud mother of two boys and lives in the Nashville area.

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