Honorable Mentions

Pamela D. Swann

W - is for wanting the position that I deserved.
O - is for the opportunity that may arise.
R - is for the respect that I get from my coworkers.
D - is for the deadlines I meet everyday.
S - is for the satisfaction I get from a job well done.
A - is for the unique attitude that I display on a daily basis.
B - is for the business I run everyday.
O- is for overseeing the current day’s tasks.
U - is for understanding what goes on in my division.
T - is for teaching others the knowledge that I have.
W - is for having a winning attitude.
O - is for being optimistic.
R – is for resolution.
K – is the knowledge I have acquired at Fedcap.



About Pamela...

Pamela is the Supervisor of Fedcap’s Office Services Mailroom where she handles print and mail operations, addressing, metering, and pick-up and delivery for Fedcap’s contracts including the New York City Fire Department, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Labor and many others. She enjoys dancing, singing and roller skating during her free time. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and is the proud mother of five children.

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