Honorable Mentions

Christina Dunams
The Ultimate Dream

My mama always told me to follow my heart…
So I followed after a series of obstacles…
Deaf at fourteen, I decided I couldn’t follow my dreams.

Losing your hearing doesn’t stop you from following your dreams, said mama.
With her words, I merged into my new world of deafness.
Acceptance and support I found in my newly extended family.

The day came where I could finally say; I’m living the ultimate dream!
At 6:30am my alarm vibrates to wake me up.
By 8:00am I’m out the door fighting rush hour on the train.
I clock in by 8:45am and am known as Ms. Dunams.

Day in and out students parade into my office.
Their hopes, dreams, fears, sorrows, and laughter are shared and confided in me.
Privileged am I to be able to be there for them. Honored that they instill their trust in me.
I look around in my office with a smile thinking this is the ultimate dream!

I get to wake up every morning to go to a place I love…
A place where my skills, patience and instincts are challenged daily.
Spiritually and intellectually I grow daily, the rewards know no bounds.

“Ms Dunams, my mother and I are talking again.”
Their successes and good moments forever invade my heart.
Smiling faces are priceless.
I get to be a part of it.
I ride home on the train reflecting my day.
Just like mama said, follow my heart.
Boy was she right.



About Christina...

Christina Dunams is a social worker providing individual and group counseling to hearing and deaf students in grades 7-12. She is a graduate of Gallaudet and Columbia Universities and lives in New York City.

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