Honorable Mentions

Roberta Swann
The Plumber

The happiest man alive
Is singing a Soviet song
While snaking a slow drain.
“Come see,” he shouts
From the bathroom,
Turning on the taps
With a flourish,
Showing off how fast
The water spins down.
“You like?” I do
“You’re a genius,” I say
And can’t thank him enough.
But he already knows
What every woman wants—
A man with a job.



About Roberta...

Roberta is the co-founder of the American Jazz Orchestra and former Program Director of the Great Hall at Cooper Union. Her book of poems, Everything Happens Suddenly will be published next month by the Cervena Barva Press. A Manhattan resident, Roberta was inspired to write her poem while home sick dealing with uncooperative plumbing.

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