Honorable Mentions

Ruhejami Mustari
Parents, Love, Job

I saw them waking at dawn
Returning at noon.
The most we said were hi and bye.
They work so hard to keep the family together.
The obstacles we face are quite hard.
But let me tell you the best part.
It’s not how often you see each other
It’s knowing that for you there’s someone loving and caring out there.
My parents and I spend time together.
But it’s on the days they’re free from their bothers.



About Ruhejami...

Ruhejami moved to the US from her native Bangladesh when she was four years old. Her family settled in Brooklyn and she is currently in the Fourth grade at PS 315, the School of Performing Arts. At just nine years old, Ruhejami has decided she would like to be a doctor when she grows up, and fittingly, her favorite subject in school is science. Ruhejami also enjoys writing and she was thrilled to learn she had been chosen as an Honorable Mention in this year’s Words about Work! contest. She was encouraged to enter by her teacher. When she’s not in school Ruhejami enjoys spending time with her mother and two sisters, watching television, and eating pizza.

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