Honorable Mentions

Kareece A. Le Brun

She wakes up early.
He wakes up late
She moves around like a fly
He leaves home by eight.
He works at Sotheby’s.
She works at Bank of New York.
If they don’t work, we don’t eat.
If they don’t work, we won’t sleep.
At the end of the day
There is no time to play.
Yet, we have fun with
Whatever time we spend together.


About Kareece...

Kareece is in the Second grade at PS 315, The School of Performing Arts, in Brooklyn. She was inspired to write her poem after seeing how hard her parents work each day. Kareece’s mother works at Bank of New York and her father works for Sotheby’s and their daughter is incredibly proud of the sacrifices they make so she and her older sister can live comfortable lives. In her free time Kareece likes to play with her friends, spend time outdoors, and explore Brooklyn’s parks. She was very excited to hear that she was chosen as a Words about Work! Honorable Mention.

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