Honorable Mentions

Kevon Jefferson
My Dad and Work

           I am writing about my dad, Ronald Wilkins. My dad works for New York City’s Human Resources. He is a Principal Administrative Assistant. He is the Supervisor of five clerks. My dad is the only person in our family who works. My mom had to quit her job because her hours of work and my dad’s hours of work ran into each other. We are a family of six. My oldest brother lives in Maryland.
    My dad gets up every morning at 5 A.M. Sometimes my dad can be sick but he goes to work anyway. I have never heard my dad complain about work. Sometimes my dad goes without to make sure that we have what we need. We live in a two and a half bedroom apartment. My dad works overtime because he says in two years he plans on buying a house and moving us back to North Carolina. Not only is my dad hardworking, but he is also a fighter. My parents spend money that they don’t really have because my dad is trying to adopt me. They have to pay for a lawyer. My dad shows me how hardworking and dedicated he is to our family everyday. Our family has overcome a lot of obstacles by working hard. I can’t wait to become Kevon Wilkins because I want to be just like my dad.


About Kevon...

Kevon Jefferson is a fourth grader at PS 315 in Brooklyn. His essay was inspired by seeing his father work tremendously hard every day for the good of Kevon and the rest of their family. Just like his father, Kevon is dedicated and aims to excel. His favorite subject is Social Studies and he dreams of becoming a pro athlete one day. Kevon plays cornerback for the Brooklyn Skyhawks football team and his favorite NFL team is the New York Giants. Outside of school and football he enjoys reading Harry Potter books and skateboarding around his neighborhood.

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