Adam Sullivan
I Work

I work at school
I work at home
I work wherever something’s wrong
I work at night and mornings too,
In the afternoon, and even in the month of June
I work real hard and put play to the side,
To get by, work done today.
Someday, I will work so hard and get paid!

About Adam...

Adam is in the Fifth grade at Mater Dei Academy in northern NJ. He has many interests and keeps very busy with choir, art club, playing the guitar, and keeping up his Purple Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He is playing several parts in his school play this Spring – a comedic version of the Wizard of Oz – including a rapping munchkin, flying monkey, and he is also understudy for the Tin Man, Lion, and Oz. He is a voracious reader and his favorite poet is Shel Silverstein. According to his mom, Adam wrote about 20 poems for the Words about Work! contest but chose this winning submission as his favorite selection. He would like to be a writer someday and is looking forward to teaching his little sister how to read.

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